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ID 8
Symbol Al
Name Aluminium
Density (g/cm<sup>3</sup>) 2.7
Atomic Number 13
Molecular Weight 27
Melting Point (K) 660.32
Boiling Point (K) 2519
Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg K) 904
Electro Negativity 1.61
Curie temperature (K)
Bohr Magneton (J/T)
Magnetization Saturation (MA m<sup>-1</sup>)
Crystal Structure ​Face-centered cubic (fcc)
Appearance Silvery gray metallic
Element category Post-transition metal
Magnetic ordering Paramagnetic
Discovery Hans Christian Ørsted (1824)
General Information Aluminum (Al) is the 13th element on the periodic table, and is the most abundant metal on Earth, making up 8.1% of the Earth's crust. It is not found freely in nature, but it is always found combined to other elements due to it being very reactive.
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