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ID 5
Symbol Cr
Name Chromium
Density (g/cm<sup>3</sup>) 7.19
Atomic Number 24
Molecular Weight 52
Melting Point (K) 2180
Boiling Point (K) 2944
Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg K) 448
Electro Negativity 1.66
Curie temperature (K)
Bohr Magneton (J/T)
Magnetization Saturation (MA m<sup>-1</sup>)
Crystal Structure ​Body-centered cubic (bcc)
Appearance Silvery metallic
Element category Transition metal
Magnetic ordering Antiferromagnetic
Discovery Louis Nicolas Vauquelin
General Information Chromium is a blue-white metal that is hard, brittle and very corrosion resistant. Chromium can be polished to form a very shiny surface and is often plated to other metals to form a protective and attractive covering.
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