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ID 28
Symbol Ho
Name Holmium
Density (g/cm<sup>3</sup>) 8.79
Atomic Number 67
Molecular Weight 164
Melting Point (K) 1747
Boiling Point (K) 2973
Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg K) 165
Electro Negativity 1.23
Curie temperature (K) 20
Bohr Magneton (J/T)
Magnetization Saturation (MA m<sup>-1</sup>)
Crystal Structure ​Hexagonal close-packed (hcp)
Appearance Silvery white
Element category Lanthanide
Magnetic ordering Paramagnetic 
Discovery Jacques-Louis Soret and Marc Delafontaine (1878)
General Information Holmium is never found in its pure form in the wild! Holmium oxide (Holmia) shows two dramatically different colors: yellow under natural light and pink under fluorescent lighting! Holmium has medical applications.
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