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ID 21
Symbol C
Name Carbon
Density (g/cm<sup>3</sup>) 2.26
Atomic Number 6
Molecular Weight 12
Melting Point (K) 3823
Boiling Point (K) 4300
Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg K) 0
Electro Negativity 2.55
Curie temperature (K)
Bohr Magneton (J/T)
Magnetization Saturation (MA m<sup>-1</sup>)
Crystal Structure  ​Simple hexagonal
Appearance Graphite black
Element category Reactive nonmetal
Magnetic ordering Diamagnetic
Discovery Egyptians and Sumerians (3750 BCE)
General Information Carbon, the sixth most abundant element in the universe, has been known since ancient times. Carbon is most commonly obtained from coal deposits, although it usually must be processed into a form suitable for commercial use.
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