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ID 17
Symbol a-Gd<sub>0.25</sub>Co<sub>0.75</sub>
Categories Rare-earth metals and intermetallic compounds
Density (g/cm<sup>3</sup>) 7.8
Structure Random dense-packed structure of Gd and Co atoms
Order Ferrimagnet
Curie temperature (K) 700
Cubic lattice parameter (p<sub>m</sub>) (a<sub>0</sub>)
Magnet ideality factor (p<sub>m</sub>) (a)
Resistivity (μΩ·m) (ρ) 1.5
Magnetic moment per unit mass (A m<sup>2</sup> kg<sup>-1</sup>) (σ) 10
Exchange stiffness (pJ m<sup>-1</sup>) (A)
Magnetic hardness parameter (κ)
Spontaneous magnetization (MA m<sup>-1</sup>) M<sub>s</sub>) 0.08
Spontaneous linear magnetostriction (λ<sub>s</sub>)
Anisotropy constants (KJ m<sup>-3</sup>) (K1)
Magnetic polarization (T) (J<sub>s</sub>) 0.10
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