ID 5
Name Generator
Mini Description This device converts mechanical energy into electrical energy as well. The process is somewhat the same as the alternator, but a generator can provide an alternating current or a direct current (AC or DC). Inside the generator, there is a rotor made of coiled wires. The rotating of these wires causes electricity to build up while the magnetic field housing it stays stationary. When you have the rotation of the coils with the stationary magnet, it creates a magnetic field, which creates the amount of  energy needed to spin the armature.

Hence, the magnetic field of an alternator is always rotating inside the stator, whereas, the magnetic field for a generator is fixed. The armature is the rotating coil or series of coils in an electric motor. When the armature is stationary it becomes easy to produce voltage(low voltage) excitation to the rotor through the slip rings. You would choose a generator when more electricity is needed because they produce voltage throughout the entire device without stopping. You can use a generator to charge a battery when it’s completely drained as well. For this reason, we see generators as the best possible option as a power backup for homes and RVs. These are cut out for the big jobs because the output current is constant, and it generates both Alternating current and Direct Current.

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