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Name Alternator
Mini Description First, what is an alternator? It’s a type of generator that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy as an alternating current or AC. These are common in the auto industry because they convert the mechanical energy under the hood into electricity that then charges your battery. This mechanical process rotates a magnet, and that turning creates a current to distribute energy without converting it to Direct Current.

Alternators are efficient because they only provide energy when it’s needed. The alternator can come on and off as the battery needs to recharge. Because of this, your car doesn’t die when it’s running for a long time. One way to tell if an alternator is bad is if your car battery dies when it’s still running. This issue would mean that the alternator is not providing a charge to the battery. Overall, alternators are an enhanced version of a generator that can minimize the amount of power required, so there is less wasted energy. The main thing to know about an alternator is that it cannot charge a completely drained battery. This can cause fires and further damage.

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